In 1896 H.J. Himes & J..C. Barretta purchased Lewis W. Gould Plumbing & Hardware store. Himes & Barretta operated a Plumbing, Heating, Steam Fitting and Roofing business where they sold from the store location at 521 Landis Ave, Vineland, NJ. A plumbing contracting business was run out of the rear of the building fronting on Elmer St.


In this decade Himes & Barretta replaced the horse driven flat bed trucks with several Ford model T pick up trucks. Tin roofs were a large part of the business. Water wells and pumps, furnaces and boilers were also very popular.


In 1918 J.C. Barretta purchased H.J. Himes out of the business and the hardware store was sold to the Franks Brothers. Barretta Plumbing relocated to the south corner of 7th. & Landis Ave. This was a very prosperous decade for the business.


In 1920 Valroy S. Barretta, oldest son of J.C. Barretta joined the company after graduatingfrom the University of Michaigan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later relocated back to Michigan where he eventually became superintendent of the Detroit -Edison Power Plant.


In 1930 J. Milton Barretta, youngest son of J.C. Barretta's 3 sons joined the business after graduating Pierce Business College. This time period saw the advent of the oil burner and Barretta Plumbing converted many coal fired heating systems to oil burners. The depression brought hard times, but the business survived.


During this decade the business downsized from 20 employees to 8. Upon J. C. Barretta's death in 1948, J. Milton Barretta took over the business and further downsized to 6 employees. The business relocated in 1945 from 7th. & landis Ave. to a garage in the rear of J.C. Barretta's home on Valley Ave.


The business remained fairly stable during this time period. About 65% of the business was plumbing, heating, and, oil burner service, while new construction filled the remaining 35%. Roofing was discontinued during this decade.


In 1962 Milt Barretta's son Jack took over the business. Air conditioning was becoming more popular and it was introduced into the business. Jack changed the trade name to Barretta Plumbing Heating and Cooling during this decade. The business relocated in 1962 to 318 Elmer St. In 1968 Alonzo Duncan was hired as a 19 year old helper and quickly became a 1st. class mechanic who remained with the company until 2010.


Throughout this decade the business remained stable.

In 1974 the business relocated to 519 S East Avenue, the former LJ Zucca Confectionary Office & Warehouse. Craig Hughes was hired during this decade. He is a NJ licensed master plumber and former president of the State League of master Plumbers. Craig remained employed with the company until 2012.


Throughout this decade a large amount of work was done in the South Jersey coastal shore towns.

In 1984 Jack entered a joint venture with another company, which was discontinued in 1986.

In 1987 Barretta Plumbing relocated to 609 Bellair Street, Vineland. Residential plumbing, heating and cooling became a focus.


During the 1990's Jack's son John Barretta became the 4th generation member of the family to join the business. Lowenstern Plumbing was purchased during this decade. Tony Reale, then a 38 year old employee of Lowenstern, was hired in the 1991 transition. He remains an employee of Barretta Plumbing today, 19 years later. Employment rose from 6 to 15.


In 2004 John Barretta purchased the business . The volume increased to its highest level and employment rose to 30. Commercial work increased and the business relocated to its current address, 1784 Pine Ave, Vineland, NJ.

In 2007 Barretta Plumbing merged with John Scagnelli Heating & Cooling, Inc. Mr Scagnelli is a highly skilled Heating, Cooling and Ventilation designer and technician. He has become the HVAC supervisor with Barretta Plumbing Heating and Cooling.