Your air conditioner can work better than you imagined if you make a few changes to your habits. Follow these simple tips to maximize your air conditioner's output and keep your home cooler than ever.

  • Use Ceiling Fans with Your Air Conditioner
  • When you are in a room, turn on the ceiling fan, and reset the air conditioner to 77 degrees F. (25 C.). The warmer the setting at which you run your air conditioner, the lower your energy costs.
  • Keep the Air Conditioner Filter Clean
  • Brush off the air conditioner filter daily in hot weather. Once a week wash it in bubbly dish soap and warm water. Dry it thoroughly before reinserting it into the air conditioner.
  • Shade the Sunny-Side Windows
  • Your air conditioner must work hard to overcome room heating from sunlight striking glass windows and glass-paneled doors. Install awnings over all these windows and keep curtains and blinds closed during high-sunshine hours.
  • Generate Heat Early in the Day
  • Do laundry, use the dryer, or cook for dinner early in the morning while the house is still cool from overnight, not in the evening when the house is at its hottest from a full day of heated air and sunshine. Limit bright lights indoors at night.